Ubiquitous positioning
Metric 3D environmental analysis based on aerial imaging and open spatial data (3DEnviAnalysis)
Revolution of Location-based Services
FGI expedition at Antarctica
Coordinate Transformation Service
Tassu multitouch map
Tapiola 3D virtual model
Geodata sharing opens new innovative services
Geodata sharing means savings and synergy
Interoperability of geospatial data enables new data combinations
Interoperability of geospatial data reveals new data resources
Ubiquitous navigation and positioning
New mapping methods for creating more accurate maps
Research to support sustainable forestry
Together towards a more efficient use of spatial data
FGI – respected player in international research
Information on climate change through cutting-edge technology
Technological expertise for environmental monitoring
Geographic applications for the development of business
Towards sustainable development with GI technologies
GI technology to support environmental know-how
Interoperability of geospatial data reveals new data resources
FGI – methods for acquiring, processing and exploiting spatial data
The coordinate transformation service transforms coordinates from a reference system to another
FGI – expert services for spatial data infrastructures
FGI – geoinformation in four dimensions
Technology know-how to support everyday life
Take control of your facilities with indoor positioning
Calibrate your instruments – get reliable results
Research results to support decision-making
FGI – respected player in international research
Player of the future – here and now
Background support for society’s infrastructure
Know-how in support of decision-making
Pioneering new measurement methods
From micro to macro – FGI is an expert in multiscale measurements
Highly accurate information with precision measurements
Geosciences since 1918
Know where you are - FGI
Geoinformation from space to Earth