3D-NAVI-EXPO is an international cooperation project targeting the Shanghai World Exposition 2010 with a consortium consisting of Finnish partners and Chinese partners.
The consortium consists of a university, three research institutes and companies.

Finnish partners:
       Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI, project coordination)
       Tampere University of Technology (TUT)

Chinese partners:
       Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping (CASM)
       Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP)

The project is co-funded by TEKES, FGI, Nokia, Fastrax and TerraSolid.

The project implemented four key technologies:
      3D visualization technology in a smart phone,
       Seamless indoor/outdoor positioning technology,

       3D-modelling technology, and

       Bluetooth-based context awareness technology.

Project phases:
Phase I:
Concept consolidation, user requirement analysis and system design. 01.Oct.2007 - 02.July.2008.
Phase II:
System Implementation. 03.July.2008-08.Feb.2010.
Phase III:
System Test and Demonstration During the exposition period. 09.Feb.2010 - 25.Oct.2010.

The technologies developed in this project will bring new experiences to the mobile users and open a door for new mobile applications. With the project deliverables, the mobile users will freely experience the 3D personal navigation service during the World Exposition in Shanghai. The 3D-city model will bring new 3D navigation experience to the mobile users, while the multi-sensor positioning solution will locate the mobile users with higher reliability and accuracy. The mobile users will be precisely guided to their expected destinations anytime anywhere inside the EXPO area. The 3D personal navigation application can be a useful tool for the industry to explore new mobile navigation applications. It can be easily modified as a commercial product too.

There are two demonstrations carried out in the project: one in Shanghai EXPO, while the other in Tapiola center, Espoo, Finland.
As it was not allowed to setup the 3D models of the Shanghai EXPO area to the Internet for free download and installation by the mobile users according to the Chinese law, the demonstration in Shanghai EXPO was conducted by 30 students from the Eastern Normal University in Shanghai.
The demonstration in the Tapiola center can be carried out by mobile users themselves.  Before experiencing the 3D personal navigation in Tapiola, the mobile users need to download the 3D personal navigation SW and the 3D model of the test field from the project web page and install models to the user’s own phone.

Scientific Merits
Publications: The project team has published 39 scientific papers including 7 journal papers, 30 papers presented in international conferences, and 2 theses. The list of publications can be found from subpage Publications.
Awards: The project team has won the following 3 awards in international conferences:
  • Best student paper in ION GNSS 2010, Portland, US, won by Wei Chen with a paper titled “A Novel EMG-based Stride Length Estimation Method for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning”.
  • Best paper of Track A in the ION/IEEE PLANS 2010 conference, won by Yuwei Chen with a paper titled “Knowledge-based Error Detection and Correction Method of a Multi-sensor Multi-network Positioning Platform for Pedestrian Indoor Navigation”
  • Winner of the student grant to participate in the IEEE International conference on Instrumentation and Measurement Technology, 2010, 3 – 6, May 2010, Austin, Texas, by Wei Chen with a paper titled “An Adaptive Calibration Approach for a 2-Axis Digital Compass in Low-Cost Pedestrian Navigation”

Project Work Known to the Public

Articles in magazines, news paper and Internet: The project work has been reported in various magazines, news paper and Internet media in US, China and Finland. It was selected as the cover story in the most popular magazine in the area of navigation, “GPS World”. The project work has been published in the following media:  
Television programmes: Yle Teema (A Finnish National TV Channel) in the program "Tutkiva Juttu/Investigating Case" on Thu 12.11.2009 8pm / Sat 14.11.2009 4.50pm in the episode "Terrible sense of direction". Only part of the program (sensing direction using the state-of-the-art navigation technologies) shows the project work.
Project Knowledge Dissemination
For the issue of project knowledge dissemination, one workshop has been organized in April, 2010 in FGI when Prof. John Raquet from the US Air Force Institute of Technology visited FGI. In the workshop, all Finnish partners presented the research results of the project in addition to the presentation given by Prof. Raquet on visual-aided navigation.
Along with other 11 companies, the project had a booth in the exhibition area of the international conference of “Ubiquitous Positioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Service”, UPINLBS 2010, organized by IEEE, Nordic Institute of Navigation and FGI on 13th - 15th Oct. 2010 in Masala, Kirkkonummi, Finland. A leaflet of the 3D-NAVI-EXPO project, a project presentation, selected scientific papers, and a list of scientific papers were available in the booth for the 150 participants of the conference.





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Shanghai EXPO - view 1 in phone

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3D Personal Navigation and LBS for the
World Exposition in Shanghai in 2010