Gravity field

The research group maps the gravity field of the Earth both in Finland and globally, and studies its variation in time due to geophysical phenomena. For this we use both terrestrial gravimetry and data from satellite gravity missions like GRACE and GOCE. The results are used among other things, for the calculation of the geoid for GPS height determination, and for understanding geodynamical phenomena like postglacial rebound and the various aspects of global change.

  • 01.01.2015 The name of the research group was changed from "Gravity field" into "Gravity"
  • 12.12.2014: T. Saari recieved a one-year continuation grant for doctoral studies from Väisälä foundation
  • 8.12.2014: J. Näränen to join the FINNARP 2014 expedition to Antarctica
  • 14.8.2014: Prototype of interferometric water tube tilt meter installed at Conrad Observatory, Hungary
  • 11.3.2014: New superconducting gravimeter installed at Metsähovi Research Station
  • 1.3.2014: T. Saari starts as a Dragon 3 Young Scientist in the Dragon 3 project